REPUBLIQUE GENIALE | Berne, 11- 14/10/2018

The IKG was a guest of the art project REPUBLIQUE GENIALE

The République Géniale, resurrected in Bern 50 years after 1968 and further developed in its current form, is a spatial-temporal territory that simultaneously stands in the surrounding ‘real’ territory and outside – a heterotopia.
Space and time are given for great artistic events, small interventions, research by students and for public workshops led by artists on the design of the territory of the République Géniale.
The legendary ‘Multi-Book’ by Robert Filliou ‘Teaching and Learning as Performing Art’ from 1968, which he realised together with Joseph Beuys, George Brecht, John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Diter Rot and others in 1968, and which was published by the brothers Kaspar and Walther König in 1972, serves as the example for content.
An integral part of the ‘République Géniale’ is the project ‘Protocols of the Future’ by Arnold Dreyblatt, which makes available the archive of the ‘Free International University’ planned by Joseph Beuys, Klaus Staeck, Willi Bongard, Georg Meistermann, and Heinrich Böll as a performative set – a content connection for the annual conference of the IKG, International Artists Forum.
Guests of the Free International University of Amsterdam and Amorbach are updating the current status.
Among other things, the Kunstmuseum Bern hosted our traditional two-day exhibition. The EAT ART Corner, the bank of the glacier-green Aare, and the PROGR cultural center were further venues for the ‘République Géniale.
Text by Noël De Buck

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Many thanks to Klaus Staeck for his research documents, to all contributors on site,
the Kunstmuseum Bern and especially for the wonderful organization of the Republique Geniale Valerian Maly and his wife Klara Schilliger. Last but not least to Fredie Beckmans

It was simply brilliant! Merci, many times!

Elke Albrecht, Diana Mercedes Alonso, Mechthild Bauer-Babel, Maria Blondeel, Natascha Borofsky, Monika Brandmeier, Claudia Busching, Harald Falkenhagen, Elisabeth Grossmann, Wolfgang Hahn, Katja Hofmann Wildner, Gereon Inger, Katharina Karrenberg, Gisela Kleinlein, Bruno Krenz, Silke Leverkühne, Mathias Lindner, Valerian Maly, Simone Mangos, Jürgen Olbrich, Norbert Radermacher, Josef Ramaseder, Christoph Rodde, Klara Schilliger, Andreas Schmid, Eva-Maria Schön, An Seebach, Nora Schattauer, Christopher Smith, Nele Ströbel, Nanae Suzuki, Anna Tretter

Julia Bauer, Fredie Beckmans, Noël de Buck, U We Claus, Arnold Dreyblatt, Lisa Hoever, Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer, Ulrike Lua, Angela Lubic, Babeth Mondini-VanLoo, Hans Nothum, Dorothea Schürch, Ulrike Thiele, Susanne Windelen