The International Artists Forum IKG was initiated by well-known artists like Joseph Beuys, Jochen Gerz, Gotthard Graubner, Klaus Staeck and others, and founded 1976 in Cologne. It was and is an association of artists, curators, critics working on the field of the visual arts. As a parallel to the Pen-Club the IKG is engaged for freedom of the art, of information and press, for the right of cultural self-determination, for tolerance and cultural diversity.

The IKG has more than 250 members from Argentinien, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarusm, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States of America.

On the war in Israel

The IKG condemns the brutal massacre committed by Hamas against Israelites* on 7 October 2023. Our deepest sympathy goes to the victims and hostages, their relatives and friends* as well as to all people in the region who are now affected by war and violence. Terror is always a crime against humanity and in war humanitarian rules must always be respected and diplomatic channels kept open.

It is our hope that we the people can use our strength together to overcome war, hatred, fascism, fanaticism and anti-Semitism and put humanity, equality, freedom, peace and, according to Salman Rushdie, love in their place.

New members

We welcome our in october 2023 newly elected members and look forward to an interesting exchange and cooperation.