The annual meeting 2019 will take place in cooperation with the Kunsthochschule Halle, Burg Giebichenstein from 19 – 22 September in the rooms of the Burg Galerie (Organisation: Claudia Busching, Mathias Lindner, Norbert Radermacher).

On the occasion of its two-day exhibition “Art from a Suitcase”, the IKG invites alumni of the art school to participate and exchange ideas on site. The idea of the exhibition is the vivid presentation of the questions currently being dealt with using easily transportable materials and works – out of a suitcase.

A vernissage will also make the Forum accessible to the interested public on 21 September 2019.


The 2020 Annual Meeting will take place in Brno, Czech Republic (Organisation: Claudia Busching, Ina Bierstedt, Terezie Petišková).