HALLE (SAALE) | 19 – 22/9/2019

The annual meeting 2019 took place in cooperation with the Kunsthochschule Halle, Burg Giebichenstein in the rooms of the Burg Galerie. At our annual general meeting, we elected our new president, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, who had been managing director of the IKG for many years. Thanks to AnnaTretter, who has been our president for the last two years.

At the suggestion of Jule Reuter, the curator of the Burg Galerie, the IKG invited alumni of the castle to participate and exchange ideas at our meeting and the two-day exhibition “Art from a Suitcase”. The idea of the exhibition was, as always, the vivid presentation of the questions currently being dealt with using easily transportable materials and works – out of a suitcase. Norbert Radermacher and Luzia Rux, an alumni of the BURG, guided through the exhibition and briefly presented the works together with their authors, so that an exchange among each other was stimulated and made possible. A wonderful buffet, thanks to Una Moehrke, took care of our physical well-being on each of the two evenings. For the vernissage, also for the interested public, on 21.09.2019, there was a performance by Klara Schilliger and Valerian Maly and a lecture by Reinhart Buettner.

We visited the Francke Foundations including their Wunderkammer and Thomas Bauer-Friedrich took us personally through the collection of GDR art in the Museum Moritzburg. Klaus Feldmann (Francke Foundations) showed us his favourite places in the city. (Organization of the supporting program: Mathias Lindner). Very spontaneously Sarah Schuschkleb (Alumni) guided a group of IKG members through the jewellery class of the university. The alumni were a great enrichment for our meeting with their fresh view and their young art.

It was a successful meeting and we are grateful that we were able to use the beautiful rooms in the Burg Galerie in the Volkspark.

Elke Albrecht, Diana Mercedes Alonso, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Maria Blondeel, Jens Brand, Claudia Busching, Harald Falkenhagen, Wolfgang Hahn, Katja Hoffmann Wildner, Gereon Inger, Gisela Kleinlein, Bruno Krenz, Mathias Lindner, Monika Linhard, Valerian Maly, Simone Mangos, Una Moehrke, Ulrike Mundt, Jürgen Olbrich, Tomasz Opania, Norbert Radermacher, Josef Ramaseder, Christoph Rodde, Oliver Scharfbier, Nora Schattauer, Klara Schilliger, Andreas Schmid, Eva Maria Schön, Christopher Smith, Petra Spielhagen, Nanae Suzuki, Anna Tretter, Albert Weis, Birgit Werres

Michela Benedan, Simone Distler, Susanne Henny Kolp, Christoph Liedtke, Luzia Rux, Sarah Schuschkleb

Reinhart Buettner, Ulrike Lua, Noel de Buck