MÖNCHENGLADBACH | 12– 15/10/2017

The philosopher Hans Jonas born in Mönchengladbach in 1903, pondered in his main work The principle of responsibility, Responsibility and hope together: It is not about an earthly paradise, but about the prevalence of the world and a decent survival of our species on the entrusted, certainly not poor, but limited heritage. Jonas teaches open-mindedness and humility that protects man from the erroneous course of his own power and thus enables him to thrive in unsophisticated humanity. I think that art, artists and our IKG can also be put on this map.

“In the hail of reality – Questions about the responsibility of the artist’ was the brilliant lecture by Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, in which she dealt with the artistic constraints of funded art projects and the documenta 14 in a very critical way.
After 15 years Dorothée has resigned from her management role within the IKG. A big THANK YOU from all of us with the request and hope for lectures in the future!

The BIS – Center for open cultural work was our salon, where our conference took place and also our migrating exhibition. Wolfgang Hahn organised and delivered for us an overview of the cultural and artistic landscape of Mönchengladbach. A selection of the highlights were visits to the Abteilberg City Museum and Exhibition Hall MMIII, and getting to know the Mischpoke Club. Our exhibition out the suitcase was opened by the Mayor of Mönchengladbach: Wilhelm Reiners.

Diana Mercedes Alonso, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Ina Bierstedt, Maria Blondeel, Frank Bölter, Jens Brand, Monika Brandmeier, Terry Buchholz, Claudia Busching, Harald Falkenhagen, Wolfgang Hahn, Christian Henkel, Harald Hofmann, Katja Hofmann Wildner, Tatjana Ilic, Gereon Inger, Gisela Kleinlein, Stefanie Klingemann, Donatella Landi, Silke Leverkühne, Valerian Maly, Christian Merscheid, Markus Mussinghoff, Josef Ramaseder, Christoph Rodde, Oliver Scharfbier, Nora Schattauer, Klara Schiliger, Eva-Maria Schön, An Seebach, Christopher Smith, Nele Ströbel, Nanae Suzuki, Anna Tretter, Michael Willhardt

Vincent Schubarth, Ulrike Lua, Noël de Buck, Hans Nothum, Mathias Hornung, Eva Weinert