POZNAN-POSEN | Poznan, 9-12/10/2014

According to a legend, the name of the city is derived from the Polish word poznan, which means recognize as well as get to know. So once again we had good gatherings, visual recognitions, got to know members and guests.
With an exhibition “out of the suitcase” in the Czapski Gallery we created a tangent to the Poznan Biennale, the spontaneous show was widend by performances of Tatjana Ilic, Katharina Karrenberg and Benoit Maubrey. Competenly guided by Tomasz Wenland, the iniator of the Biennale, which this year took place under the title When nowhere becomes here we expolores the artistic contributions to the Biennale and the beautiful city. It was an exciting and stimulating meeting with challenging discussions and debates. As E.T.A. Hoffmann wrote we were all in all, I am very happy here.

Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Maria Blondeel, Jens Brand, Monika Brandmeier, Terry Buchholz, Claudia Busching, Wolfgang Hahn, Harald Hofmann, Katja Hoffmann-Wildner, Gereon Inger, Tatjana Ilic, Katharina Karrenberg, Gisela Kleinlein, Bruno Krenz, Michael Kurzwelly, Silke Leverkühne, Simone Mangos, Markus Mussinghoff, Grzegorz Pleszynski, Gerard Polhuis, Susken Rosenthal, Michel Sauer, Nora Schattauer, Eva-Maria Schön, An Seebach, Nele Ströbel, Hans-Peter Webel, Michael Willhardt, Sofi Zezmer.

Maggie Bauer, Noël de Buck, Ulrike Lua, Benoit Maubrey, Marijke Polhuis, Tomasz Wendland, Anna Fedorczuk