Cologne, 31th of Okober to 3rd of November 2013

For our IKG-meeting 2013 in Cologne the ‘Alte Feuerwache’ in Cologne was our headquarter. Around our gathering quite a lot of events took place, celebrating the 80th birthday of Phill Niblock. The program was curated by our member Georg Dietzler. In deed it was very inspiring and international. Of course also some members were include in the exhibition ‘Tributes to Phill Niblock’ as they were in the concert- and video program which gave a glimpse of Phill’s network of experimental intermedia. Of course also pieces out of the suitcase of our members were shown and discussed. With the journalist Uta Reindl we had a challenging debate about art and critique, she also organized a very inspiring gallery walk.
Once again we had an inspiring gathering, with many good meetings, debates and views and sounds.

Diana Mercedes Alonso, Monika Bartholomé, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Frank Bölter, Jens Brand, Terry Buchholz, Claudia Busching, Jozef Czeres, Georg Dietzler, Uwe Esser, Harald Falkenhagen, Mechtild Frisch, Katja Hoffmann-Wildner, Wolfgang Hahn, Sibylle Hofter, Hetty Huisman, Nicole Jana, Elisabeth Jappe, Maija Julius, Katharina Karrenberg, Gisela Kleinlein, Michael Kurzwelly, Ruppe Kosellek, Silke Leverkühne, Rune Mields, Markus Mussinghoff, Phill Niblock, Paul Panhuisen, Sef Peeters, Annelie Pohlen, Josef Ramaseder, Norbert Radermacher, Marica Radoljevic, Oliver Scharfbier, Nora Schattauer, Eva-Maria Schön, An Seebach, Anna Tretter, Birgit Werres, Michael Willhardt, Hans-Peter Webel, Sofi Zezmer

Silvia Breitwieser, Grietha Jergens, Ulrike Lua, Marianne Sprangers, Gerhard Pfennig, Uta Reindl, Dorothee von Windheim