Ghent, 27th to 30th of October 2011

Our annual meeting 2011 took place in Ghent, a city between splendour and French. Through all history, Ghent has been a gate to the world as it received many visitors: artists, collectors, pilgrims, chocolate-lovers, in difficult times emigrants and exilants. And now we had a stop in this beautiful city.

In Ghent we visited artist’s studios and the both Academies for Fine Arts, the Sint Lucas Academy and the Royal Academy, KASK. Sure we had an interesting insight in the Belgian art scene there. And we organized a sort of stand-up exhibition too: In the window gallery of our member Phill Niblock we had a show with postcard-sizes art pieces. On the last evening we got together for a concert/ sound performances, curated by Maja Julius and Georg Dietzler. We listened to Rolf Julius Für eine Weite Ebene (2010), Guy De Bievre – Sofia Bustorff: FALL, Phill Niblock: Music Baobab ONM 2011 23 + Sethwork 2003, Guy De Bievre, guitar, live; Seth Josel, recorded guitars with Film/Video: THIR 1970. The annual meeting itself takes place at the Higher Institute for Fine Art. Once again we had an inspiring gathering with good meetings and views

In the Royal Academy of Arts                                                                    Exibition of Phil Niblock

Monika Bartholomé, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Hartmut Böhm, Jens Brand, Monika Brandmeier, Terry Buchholz, Claudia Busching, Georg Dietzler, Hans Gercke, Wolfgang Hahn, Katja Hoffmann Wildner, Harald Hofmann, Hetty Huisman, Katharina Karrenberg, Silke Leverkühne, Eva Löfdahl, Markus Mussinghoff, Una Moehrke, Phil Niblock, Paul Panhuysen, Sef Peeters, Gerard Polhuis, Josef Ramaseder, Marica Radojjcic, Eva-Maria Schön, Nanae Suzuki, Anna Tretter

Andreas Bartholomé, Maria Blondeel, Noël de Buck, Grieta Jergens, Ulrike Luha, Yuka und Akatsuki Ogura, Mareike Polhuis, Oliver Scharfbier, Branislav Todorovic-Klinic