Lodz and Nieborow
1st until 5th October 2004

One reason for our meeting in Lodz and Nieborow 2004 was the newly founded Biennale Lodz, organized by the International Artists Museum, which is again a foundation of Construction in Procress. Many of our members are linked to these initiatives in one or the other way. Without an oversized curatorial that the Biennale brought artists together in an intense process of work, discovery and interaction. Quite some of our members were invited for the first edition. The Biennale, mixing an international segment with an exhibition of Polish art and of art specifically from Lodz has its genesis in the rollicking series of artists-run shows called Construction in Process and focused on artists with a kind of improvisational, freewheeling appeal, fostering manifold connections between people.The visit of the Biennale provided a platform for our meeting in the Nieborow Palace, centering around the changing frame conditions for artists-initiatives in Europe. Not only the new EU-Member-States are in a process of transformation, where old certainties and traditions are facing the becoming obsolete, where old securing rituals are getting invalid or vanish. The question of art, its own rituals and institutionalisation, its space is affected as well, and one of these shifts reveals itself in the changing and conversions which formerly non-official artists groups in Eastern Europe have to undergo. Parallely worldwide young artists discover the need of cooperation, of the widening and netting of individual positions. The new media have a vital role in transformin structures of communication. In the exchange of experiences from different countries also the role of the IKG, its future tasks was reflected.

Renate Anger, Mechthild Bauer-Babel, Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Wojciech Bruszewski, Hartmut Böhm, Christiane Gruess, Sybille Hofter, Hetty Huisman, Tatjana Ilic, Katharina Karrenberg, Silke Leverkühne, Eva Löfdahl, Rune Mields, Una Moehrke, Marica Presic, Norbert Radermacher, Josef Ramaseder, Anda Rottenberg, Eva-Maria Schön, Anna Tretter, Selman Trtovac, Ryszard Wasko

Monika Bartolomé, Joannes Késenne, Alexander Nikolic, Kristiane Petersmann, Hanno Soans, Gudrun Thiessen-Schneider, Christopher Snee, Dagmar Varady