Belgrade, 3rd until 7th September 2003

At our annual meeting in Belgrade 2003 the intentions was to rediscover Serbia swallowed up for years by criminal politics and the art which is produced there nowadays.In the Museum 25th of May – Museum of Yugoslav History, a part of the Tito Memorial Center we organized a show with IKG-members and invited serbian guests, complemented by discussion rounds investigating the status of the art in a changing political, geographical and social situation. In the comparison of the art works from eastern and western Europe different strategies, means, work concepts became vivid. One could realize that the Serbian artists on one side are in quest of the – interrupted – stream of tradition, linking them to the international art world. But on the other hand they insist on their peculiarity, trying not to loose a wider social and political dimension of the art.

Renate Anger, Hartmut Böhm, Monika Brandmeier, Heinrich Brummack, Georg Dietzler, Jarg Geismar, Wolfgang Hahn, Silke Leverkühne, Eva Löfdahl, Rune Mields, Markus Mussinghoff, Phill Niblock, Eva-Maria Schön, Artur Tajber, Biljana Tomic, Anna Tretter, Michael Willhardt.

Terry Buchholz, Mrdan Bajic, Branko Dimitrijevic, Nenad Glisic, Dejan Grba, Tatjana Ilic, Dragan Jovanovic, Katharina Karrenberg, Mari Laanemets, Alexander Nikolic, Dragan Papic, Marica Presic, Jelena Radic, Josef Ramaseder, Misa Savic, Radomir Stancic, Talent, Zoran Todorovic, Selman Trtovac, Cedomir Vasic, Georg Wissel