Auf den Tisch / Onto The Table | 05.– 08. 10. 2023

Pop-Up-Action | Annual General Meeting

Our ICG meeting took place in Rotterdam from 05 to 08 October 2023 under the motto Auf den Tisch / Onto The Table.


This time we were able to marvel at a very unusual pop-up action with works about the size of a hand, which were placed on a table and presented by our artists. All members were gathered around the long table and once again the high quality and diversity of the works was evident. Entertaining performances completed the evening, which took place in the Atelierhaus Borgerstraat and also brought us open studios of the artists working there.

Our Annual General Meeting, including elections of Executive Director, President, Board and Extended Board, took place in the auditorium of TENT, exhibition space of the Centrum Beldende Kunsten (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam). Petra Laaper from CBK Rotterdam – Art Office and Caro van der Pluijm, creative researcher at TENT introduced us to their art platform. Afterwards, our meeting started with a very touching obituary by Ina Bierstedt, who paid tribute to our late President Dorothée Bauerle-Willert.

In the afternoon we were given a guided tour of TENT and the Dolf Henkes Prize exhibition by guest curator Annosh Urbanke.

A special highlight and extremely informative experience was the six-and-a-half-hour architectural tour of modern Rotterdam with the architects Prof. Ursula Ringleben and Margit Schuster, accompanied by her husband, the artist Hans Venhuizen. We also met Bert van Meggelen, Director of MAAT-werk. Over lunch, he answered our questions about the architecture, ecology and economy of the partly social cooperative building projects, as well as the art in the building.

In the evening, we were welcomed by Dr Claudia Curio and Kim Zieschang from the cultural department of the Goethe-Institut for a drink and were able to view the exhibition Petromelancholia by the scholarship holders living in the house and talk to some of them. Unfortunately, we had to learn that the Goethe-Institut in Rotterdam will have to close next year after decades of successful work.

“Fluxus liquefied hardened imagination – that is what art is capable of,” wrote Dorothée Bauerle-Willert last year after our IKG meeting in Wiesbaden, and filmmaker Yuri Khashchevatsky said in his video message to IKG member Klaus Staeck: “It would be nice if we united and protected the values on which our world is based.” A hopeful sentence, when just during our beautiful days in Rotterdam the terror organisation Hamas carried out brutal massacres against Israelites. Our deepest sympathy goes to the victims and hostages, their relatives and friends, as well as to all people in the region who are now affected by war and violence. Terror is always a crime and in war humanitarian rules must be respected and diplomatic channels kept open. We hope that we people can use our strength together to overcome war, hatred, fascism, fanaticism and anti-Semitism and put humanity, equality, freedom, peace and, according to Salman Rushdie, love in their place.

We sincerely thank all participants and sponsors.

Performances (Pop-Up-Action)

Valerian Maly, Jürgen Olbrich, Klara Schillinger

Participating IKG members

Diana Alonso, Dagmar Baumann, Ina Bierstedt, Maria Blondeel & Noel de Buck, Tina Born, Jens Brand, Terry Buchholz, Claudia Busching, Alba D’Urbano, Kerstin Gottschalk, GUP-py (Yoko Hata), Wolfgang Hahn, Lisa Hoever, Patrick Huber, Gereon Inger, Gisela Kleinlein, Friederike Klotz, Käthe Kruse, Michael Kurzwelly, Elvira Lantenhammer, Ute Lindner, Monika Linhard, Angela Lubic, Birgit Luxenburger, Valerian Maly & Klara Schillinger, Nanne Meyer, Una Moehrke, Markus Mußinghoff, Jürgen Olbrich, Katja von Putkamer, Norbert Radermacher, Anna Rudolf, Eva-Maria Schön, An Seebach, Christopher Smith, Petra Spielhagen, Nele Ströbel, Nanaé Suzuki, Petra Trenkel, Susanne Tunn, Elisabeth Wagner, Hans Peter Webel, Andreas Wegener, Albert Weis, Sofi Zezmer


Fredie Beckmans, Helmut Dick, Maarten Janssen, Ulrike Lua, Anna Mészáros, Hans Nothum, Anita Oettershagen, Sonja Webel

New members

The following artists were elected as new members in Rotterdam and accepted the election:
Claudia Beelitz (art historian and curator), Birgit Effinger (art historian and curator), Adib Fricke, Kati Gausmann, Yu Hirai, Katja Kottmann, Pauline Kraneis, Zoltan Labas, Ulrike Mohr, Heidi Sill, Shanglie Zhou

Popup-Action – Auf den Tisch / Onto The Table


Thursday, 5 Oct 2023
Arrival and dinner together

Friday, 6 Oct 023
10 am – 3 pm
Annual General Meeting of the IKG
Centrum Beldende Kunsten, Auditorium TENT

From 6 pm
Pop-up exhibition “Auf den Tisch – Onto The Table”
Artists of the IKG and the Atelierhaus Borgerstraat
Studios Borgerstraat 24

Saturday, 7 Oct 2023
10 am – 6 pm
Architectural tour with the architects Prof. Ursula Ringleben and Margit Schuster as well as the
Rotterdam artist Hans Venhuizen

7 pm
Reception at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam